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  1. Avery
    28.04.2023 @ 09:22

    Exodus Kodi addon was one of the most popular Kodi addons due to its high-quality streaming links and latest content offerings. However, its developer announced that it would no longer be updated, leaving users disappointed. Since then, many Exodus Kodi forks have appeared, but none have been able to replace or compete with the original addon. The addon was eventually replaced by Covenant Kodi, which had similar features and was developed by the same team. However, even this addon had to be shut down due to legal issues. But now, to everyones surprise, Exodus Kodi addon has made a comeback with an updated library and high-quality streams. If you encounter any errors or issues, you can follow the guide mentioned above to update your addon or use a VPN to access geo-restricted content. Overall, the return of Exodus Kodi addon is great news for Kodi users who were missing this popular addon.