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    As a fan of combat sports, especially UFC, you can enjoy UFC streaming on Kodi, as some of the best add-ons offer live broadcasts for every event in HD quality. Follow this guide carefully to learn how to watch UFC on Kodi. UFC is the biggest combat sports company with millions of fans worldwide. UFC events are known for being the most well-produced competitions in the combat sports industry. The Ultimate Fighting Championship is the worlds largest MMA company, with a list of the best MMA fighters from all over the world. UFC organizes regular events as well as PPV events, which are extremely popular worldwide. The popularity of UFC can be seen in the fact that its video games are just as popular as other combat sports. It has been operating in the combat sports industry for over 25 years and has grown into a billion-dollar company. Online streaming enthusiasts worldwide pay a large amount of subscription fees just to broadcast live UFC events on various platforms and online channels. In addition, UFC earns millions of dollars from its official websites Fight pass and subscription packages. However, if you are a Kodi user, you can easily broadcast UFC PPV without paying a subscription fee. Some options make it easier to watch UFC for free with streaming VPN. Once you have learned about Kodi add-ons that allow users to broadcast UFC, you can easily learn how to watch Kodi UFC fights.

    Below are the best Kodi add-ons that allow you to watch UFC without paying a subscription fee:

    Planet MMA: A dedicated Kodi add-on for combat sports, especially UFC action. MMA fans can watch the latest events, featured events, documentaries, past events, fight packages, and interviews. The data streams provided by the Planet MMA Kodi add-on always work and are of excellent quality. This add-on can be installed and broadcast for free, and you dont need to pay a subscription fee to watch your favorite events.

    UFC Fight Pass: If you are a UFC fan, you know about UFC Fight Pass, which is an official online streaming service introduced by UFC itself. Kodi users can take advantage of this wonderful service in their Kodi application or Kodi box without having to open their browsers every time they want to stream. Users can simply install the UFC Fight Pass Kodi add-on and watch the latest UFC events live in HD quality streams.

    The UFC Fight Pass add-on is free to install, but users need a subscription to play streams. Visit the website and subscribe to