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    Are you still wondering if you can watch YouTube on FireStick? No! Those days are long gone. Since Google and Amazon got involved in a rivalry, things have become quite difficult for online streamers. As a result of this dispute, Google removed the YouTube app from the Amazon Firestick app store, which really hurt the feelings of users. Alert: do not use any app without using a VPN for FireStick.

    Can I watch YouTube on FireStick? Face to face, Google and Amazon were destined to clash and last year, the rivalry became bitter when Google started removing its apps from the Amazon store, such as the YouTube app itself. Amazons refusal to sell Google products and present Amazon Prime Video as a Chromecast app seems to be the real reason for this quarrel between industry tyrants.

    Amazon undoubtedly cuts the market like a sharp dagger, which has harmed Googles existence and revenue. Amazons market share began to rise while Google users began to decline. These concerns pushed Google to take big steps and thats why Google started countering Amazons strategies. Google made some improvisations to its Shopping actions to shake up Amazons online stores. Secondly, it improvised its maps, allowing game and app developers to improve their app features by integrating Google maps. Above all, the main blow was to remove Google-owned apps from the Amazon store and I call this decision a hard blow because it shook Amazon users who preferred YouTube to watch videos without jailbreak.

    FAQs for YouTube on Fire TV Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by FireStick and FireTV users:

    On which devices can you watch YouTube TV? YouTube TV can be watched on a computer, mobile devices, tablets, and smart TVs. Here is a specific breakdown of all the devices on which YouTube TV is accessible:

    Chromecast iPhone and iPad Smartphones (Android mobiles) and Android tablets TV AirPlay for Apple TV Xbox Samsung Smart TV LG Smart TV Roku

    Can I cast on FireStick? Yes, you can easily stream YouTube on FireStick despite the restrictions implemented by Google. However, streaming YouTube on FireStick is no longer as it was because when Google removed YouTube from the Amazon store, the Silk browser was introduced as an alternative tool for streaming YouTube on FireStick. The best thing is that streaming YouTube on FireStick from any iPhone or Android device has become easier.

    Why did Google remove the YouTube app from the Amazon App Store